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Join us for an unforgettable Aspendos Helicopter Tour adventure as we take you on a helicopter flight tour over the stunning ancient Aspendos theater and city. Along the way, you’ll soar over the majestic Beşgöz river and marvel at the beauty of the Cullinan Belek Hotel and the nearby Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Hotel. As if that’s not enough, we’ll even treat you to a breathtaking pass over the Land of Legends Theme Park. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience with Aspendos Helicopter Tour!

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Historical Grandeur: Experience the timeless allure of Aspendos Theater from a bird’s-eye view on a Aspendos helicopter tour from Belek. Marvel at this ancient amphitheater, renowned for its remarkably preserved architecture dating back to the Roman era. With Aspendos Helicopter tour from above, witness the grandeur of one of the best-preserved theaters of antiquity, with its imposing facade and towering columns evoking the splendor of a bygone era.

Architectural Marvel: Get a closer look at the architectural marvels of Aspendos Theater as your Aspendos helicopter tour circles overhead. Admire the precision and craftsmanship of the amphitheater’s design, from its intricate stone carvings to its tiered seating arrangement, offering unparalleled acoustics that have stood the test of time.

Scenic Surroundings: Take in the breathtaking scenery surrounding Aspendos Theater as you soar above the rolling hills and lush countryside of Antalya. From the verdant landscapes to the shimmering waters of the Köprüçay River below, every angle offers a postcard-perfect backdrop to this ancient masterpiece.

• Cultural Insight: Gain a deeper appreciation for Turkey’s rich cultural heritage as you learn about the significance of Aspendos Theater from your knowledgeable pilot. Discover the theater’s storied past as a center for entertainment and cultural gatherings, and its continued relevance as a symbol of artistic and architectural excellence in the region with Aspendos Helicopter Tour.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Aspendos Helicopter Tour through time with an exhilarating helicopter tour of Aspendos, departing from Belek. As your helicopter gracefully ascends, leaving the coastal vistas of Belek behind, prepare to be transported back to the ancient world.

The highlight of this tour is undoubtedly the legendary Aspendos Theater, an architectural marvel nestled amidst the rolling hills of Antalya. From high above, marvel at the grandeur of this remarkably preserved Roman amphitheater, its weathered stone walls standing as a testament to centuries of history. As you circle the theater, admire its imposing facade and intricate details, each carving and column bearing witness to the craftsmanship of ancient artisans.

Throughout the Aspendos Helicopter tour, knowledgeable pilot provide insights into the history and significance of Aspendos, offering a deeper appreciation for this cultural landmark. Learn about its origins as a thriving Roman city, its role as a center for arts and entertainment, and its enduring legacy as one of the most well-preserved ancient theaters in the world.

As your helicopter gracefully descends back to Belek, take with you memories of an extraordinary adventure through the ancient past. The Aspendos helicopter tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich history and breathtaking beauty of this iconic Turkish landmark from a perspective unlike any other.

✔  Official Native Guide and Passionate Pilot Narative Information✔  Guided tour starts when you arrive
✔  All pre-selected food and drink
✔ Pick up and drop off (Contact us if you need Transfer)

•Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek
•Cullinan Belek
•Tui Magic Life
•Club Megasaray
•Sirene Belek
•Kempinski Belek
•Kaya Palazzo
•Regnum Carya
•Selectum Luxury
•Cornelia Diamond
•Calista Luxury Resort
•The Land of Legends
•Antalya Golf Club
•National Golf Club
•Besgoz River

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•Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
•Passengers should have not any heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
•Due to performance limitations all guests must inform us about their weights.
•In case of using any medication, the crew should be informed before flight.

Is this the right tour for me?
Our Aspendos Helicopter Tour is an exhilarating experience that allows passengers to explore scenic destinations from the air in a helicopter. It offers a unique perspective and the opportunity to see landmarks, landscapes, and attractions from above..

What should I wear for a helicopter tour?
It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for a helicopter tour.

Is there a weight limit for helicopter tours?
Yes, most helicopter tours have weight restrictions due to safety regulations and aircraft limitations. The weight limit varies depending on the helicopter’s size and capacity. Be sure to inquire about weight restrictions when booking your tour.

Are helicopter tours safe?
Helicopter tours are generally considered safe when operated by experienced pilots and reputable tour companies. Helicopters undergo regular maintenance checks, and pilots are trained to adhere to strict safety protocols. Additionally, weather conditions and flight routes are carefully monitored to ensure passenger safety.

Can I bring a camera or smartphone on the Aspendos helicopter tour?
Yes, passengers are typically allowed to bring cameras, smartphones, or other small personal items on helicopter tours to capture the breathtaking views. However, it’s essential to secure these items properly to prevent them from falling during the flight.

Do I need to make reservations in advance for Aspendos helicopter tour?
Yes, it’s highly recommended to make reservations in advance for helicopter tours, especially during peak tourist seasons. Booking in advance ensures availability and allows tour operator to accommodate any specific requests or preferences.

Can I request a customized helicopter tour?
Yes, we offer customized or private tours tailored to specific preferences, such as routes, destinations, and duration. Customized tours may incur additional costs and require advanced booking to arrange the details. Contact us directly to inquire about customization options.

I want more information about Aspendos Helicopter Tour, how can i contact you?

You can send us and email on [email protected] or either call us on +90 537 397 52 74.

Also you can contact us on our Whatsapp!

Aspendos Helicopter Tour

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A truely amazing experience
Read More
What an amazing experience, we flew over the hotels on the Belek shoreline and over some of the best golf courses in the area, The National, Carya, Pasha, Sultan and of course the Cullinan links courses. Even though it was windy you couldn’t feel a thing a completely smooth flight thanks to my pilot. I would definitely recommend this to any adventurers on holiday here at the Titanic & Cullinan hotels.
Adnan Algeria
Adnan Algeria
Unique Belek Flight Experience
Read More
A very wonderful experience. It was a journey of imagination. Thank you for your professionalism and fun. You are the best ever.
Jenny J
Jenny J
Amazing Flight Experience
Read More
Excellent experience. The most fun thing I've done on holiday so far. Staff and pilot were brilliant. Spectacular views and worth every penny

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